Momma Owl Protects Young

baby owl sleeping
baby owl calling for mom

In an incident that reminds someone of the Alfred Hitchcock movie “the Birds” a local was attacked last week by a Great Horned owl while walking his dog in downtown Mangum. Last Friday evening Logan Hamilton was walking his dog in downtown Mangum near the post office when an owl apparently thought he might be getting too close to its nest and came swooping down after both Logan and his pet. Neither Hamilton nor his dog were injured in the incident, but he vowed to take a different route next time he was out.


Invitations Delivered for the Alumni Association Celebration

Mangum Tigers Alumni

The Alumni Celebration invitations have been sent and Mangum High School graduates from around the world are making their plans to attend this annual one-of-a-kind event on May 22, 2015. “Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger” is the theme for this year’s celebration and anyone who is a Mangum Alum knows exactly what that means. There is a special bond among those who attended Mangum High School. If you listen to former classmates you can hear in their voice the special place those Halls of Ivy hold in our hearts.


Lady Tigers Basketball

Area Tournament
Lady tigers hard at work

The Lady Tiger basketball team advanced to the area tournament which was held Friday, Saturday and Monday at the new Pioneer Cellular Event Center on the campus of SWOSU. In the first round, they beat Hobart 51-41, and moved on to the next round. In the second round the girls faced Minco, who was ranked fourteenth in the state. Winning this game pushed them to play in the final round of the area tournament. The Lady Tigers played Dale but fell short by 9 points. Congratulations to the Lady Tigers, they played a spectacular season.


Operation Prom to Take Place

Greer County Ambulance Service would like to inform the citizens of Mangum that on March 31st , 2015 at approximately 12:30 p.m. there will be a lot of activity at the Mangum High School. Operation Prom, a scenario based play detailing the results of drinking and driving, will be in full swing and there will be a lot of noise & activity including lights, sirens, and a helicopter and we would like to inform the citizens that there is no need to be alarmed.