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Scientists Calculate Years When Cities Will Experience Changed Climate Permanently

A new study on global warming says Kingston city of Jamaica will be off-the-charts hot.

Children worst affected by ads promoted by celebs, star athletes, says study

Advertisements have greater influence on people, especially, when the products are endorsed by celebs. A.

It’s proved: People happy to see others in sorrow, atleast when they envy them

It is a common human tendency that most people find satisfaction out of other’s sorrows..

Online Daters Tend Contacting Other Race People: Study

In a new study it is found online daters usually prefer interracial contact even though.

Our pet dogs evolved from ancient wolves

A millennia-old canine DNA has triggered a new twist in the debate over the origin.

Saudi Arabia : Billionaire Businessman Adnan Khashoggi dies at 82

Jeddah,Saudi Arabia : Saudi Arabian Businessman and one of the biggest arms dealer died at.

Uber Fires 20 Employees after Harassment Investigation

The Taxi Sharing App, Uber said on Tuesday it fired 20 employees and was improving.

Electronic Cigarettes How Can E-Cigarettes Save Millions of Lives?

London: If you are a smoke addict, then switching to e-cigarettes can save your live from this.

Pregnancy Can be Delayed if Women is Suffering from Asthma

Women suffering from asthma may experience problem in getting pregnant, a new study conducted by.

Happy Marriage Life Secret lies in Patience and Hands of Wives

A way to happy marriage lies with the wives and not the husbands, suggests a.