Monkey getting trained to control their virtual arms with their minds

Duke University scientists have trained rhesus monkeys to move virtual arms using a brain-mind interface..

10 Inspiring Quotes From Steve Jobs That Will Enrich Your Life

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple was not just a visionary genius, but a man with.

Fossils Carrying Sediment Of Rare Life Found, Dates Back To 3.5 Billion Years

In a new finding scientists have discovered the signature of microscopic life on rocks from.

Doctors in search of possible biological targets to develop breast cancer vaccine

The cancer of breasts is developing unabated across the globe amid hazardous lifestyle habits and.

Children worst affected by ads promoted by celebs, star athletes, says study

Advertisements have greater influence on people, especially, when the products are endorsed by celebs. A.

It’s proved: People happy to see others in sorrow, atleast when they envy them

It is a common human tendency that most people find satisfaction out of other’s sorrows..

Online Daters Tend Contacting Other Race People: Study

In a new study it is found online daters usually prefer interracial contact even though.

Teens more Danger-Prone than other Age Enumerations

According to a study, teens tend to react more impetuously to danger than children or adults,.

Spanking makes ill-Mannered, Aggressive Kids, Scientists caution against spanking

Do you think spanking is the only way to bring your uncontrolled child back on.

Garkiners Frogs On Ancient Supercontinent Gondwana Hears With Mouth: Study

In latest finding scientists discovered the Garkiners frogs, worlds smallest frogs, hears with its mouth..