Breaking Bad Season 6 : Will it Ever Return ?

Image Credits : AMC

Breaking Bad Season 6 : Breaking bad was one of the best shows on Television, It is a top rated show on IMDb. Like any other shows, Breaking Bad ended after 5 years.

Many media outlets such as Times of India have been reporting that the show will be back sometime soon, There are numerous fan made trailers with titles breaking bad season 6 on YouTube and many video streaming sites and even there are many fan made posters, but the show isn’t returning at all.

Aaron Paul, who played Jesse Pinkman on the AMC series, finally shed some light on the matter. In a recent interview with Conan O’Brien, When asked about the rumors about the show he said “I keep hearing the rumors all the time.

Conan shows him one of the made up poster which reads “Some things didn’t come to an end – Breaking Bad Season 6 Premiers 2017″ Paul says it had him almost believe it.

There is no Breaking Bad Season 6 and all the reports from tabloids and YouTube trailers are false.

He also added that they were only allowed to say “B**ch” as many times as they wanted and “S**T” 6 times and “F**K” one time in a year.


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