The Librarians Season 5 Cancelled or Renewed ?

The Librarians Season 5 : The Librarian is an American TV Show which is broadcasted on TNT and is developed by John Rogers. The show started in December 2014 and had successfully completed four seasons of the show.

The show revolves around four people who is chosen by the library to volunteer as the Librarian. The four forms a new team and inorder to solve the mysteries and fight against supernatural threats.

Has the Librarians Season 5 Cancelled or Renewed ?

According to Dean Devlin, The director and Producer of The Librarians the show has been cancelled from TNT, but however the show isn’t completely cancelled. Dean Devlin is trying to move the show to another channel. This is what he wrote on twitter

“Just got the official call. TNT has cancelled – I will immediately begin the process of trying to move the show elsewhere. Please keep your fingers crossed for us!”

The Librarians fans doesn’t seem happy that their favorite show has been cancelled. However, fans suggest that the The Librarians should partner up with Netflix and Hulu.

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