Narcos Season 3 Release Date

Narcos Season 3 Release Date : Narcos is one of the best TV shows on Netflix and one of the favorite TV Shows of Audience.

The Story revolves around the Rise and Fall of the greatest drug lord Pablo Escobar and his Drug Empire operated from Medellin,Columbia. In the season 1 it is all about how Pablo Escobar turned into a drug lord and expanded his empire and his journey from Cigarettes smuggler to Cocaine Smuggling

The Season 2 is all about Colombian forces trying to bring down Pablo Escobar and Pablo’s horrific

Narcos has received good ratings from critics as well as audience all around the world and Narcos Fans have been expecting season 3 earliest release possible.Many Narcos TV Series fans argued that the TV series should end after the death of Escobar,But since the show is about Narcos and not Pablo Escobar the Season 3 and Season 4 will be about other drug lords.

According to Pictures shared by Agent Javier Pena Played by Pedro Pascal it is known that the Narcos Season 3 is on sets and being produced.He also shared a picture with the cast and crew with a caption “It’s a wrap” which means the production for season 3 is over and it might come to Netflix anytime soon. Although the specific date of Narcos Season 3 isn’t announced yet by Netflix.But

Not much information has been given out about Season 3 but according to Wikipedia Narcos Season 3 revolves around Cali Cartel

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