One Punch Man Season 2 : Garou Voice Actor Revealed

one punch man season 2

One Punch Man Season 2 : One Punch man is one of the most loved anime by anime fans all over the world, in fact when it was released it topped the charts and was most viewed anime at the time of it’s release. Ever since the Season 1 ended, One Punch Man fans wanted One Punch Man Season 2 however there was very less coverage about One Punch man season 2.

We have been wrote an article about One Punch Man Season 2 Release date in the past and wrote the upcoming updates about the show on that specific post.

Today we have some more good news, there is another update about One Punch Man Season 2.

The voice of Garou has been selected, Hikaru Midorikawa is the voice actor for Garou. Garou is a hero hunter with fascination with monsters. The character wasn’t shown in Season 1 and will debut in Season 2.

The offical site for One Punch man wrote in series of blog posts.

TVアニメ第2期より登場する、怪人に憧れヒーロー狩りをする<strong “=””>ガロウ役のキャストが、緑川光さんに決定しました!緑川さんのコメントをSPECIALに掲載しました!

緑川さん演じるガロウが活躍するTVアニメ第2期は現在絶賛制作進行中!乞うご期待!“Which translates to ”

TV anime Appeared from the 2nd stage, the cast of the role playing a hero hunting adored to the phantom is Mr. Miki Midorikawa decided ! Midorikawa’s comment posted in SPECIAL!Mr. Midorika’s acting Gurlow is active in TV Animation Phase 2 is currently undergoing acclaimed production! stay tuned!”Further more they have also released the new look of Saitama and the audio Vol.4 will be released on June 30, 2018 and will be available to purchase from August 31, 2018.

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