Will there be a Breaking Bad Season 6 ?

Breaking Bad Season 6 : It’s been ten years since the Breaking Bad Season 1 Pilot aired on television and it’s been almost 5 years since the show ended but Breaking Bad fans are adamant that the show would return at some point, It all started with fake news websites making rounds on Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and a lot of people were sharing  thinking that it was real.

There are rumors spreading on the Internet that Vince Gilligan is planning for a sixth season of Breaking Bad. Many websites has been reporting the fake news of Breaking Bad season 6 being released. Addition to these fake news there are many trailers being uploaded on the video-sharing site YouTube.

Apparently, These fake news websites were making this so called Breaking Bad Season 6 trailers from movie clips that featured the Breaking Bad cast such as Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston.

Aaron Paul who played Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad series was on Conan few months ago and spoke about the fake news being circulated. When asked about the “fan” made posters and trailers on YouTube regarding Breaking bad Season 6.

He sarcastically said “It had me almost believing that the creators are considering for a season 6” after seeing one of the mock-up poster that said “some bad things doesn’t come to an end” and “Premieres 2017 AMC” below the picture.

He also spoke about how many times they were allowed to swear ,They were allowed to say B*tch as many times as they wanted,But they were allowed to say “Sh*t” 6 times and “F*ck” one time.

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