India : Women set on fire by Former Colleague, dies

Hyderabad : In a shocking incident, A 25 year old woman was set ablaze in the capital city of Hyderabad by her former colleague. According to police, The accused Kartik Vanga (28) used to work in the same company as the victim and was proposing her to marry him from 2 years and the woman declined his proposal. But police said it is unclear if any complaints of harassment were lodged by the woman.

While analyzing the CCTV footage it was found that the accused kartik was waiting outside her office waiting for her to come out when she came outside they both were seen arguing  and accused poured petrol on her and set her on fire. She was declared dead on the way to the hospital.

Police says that it is a pre-planned murder, the accused has parked his bike near a hotel and hid the petrol inside his shirt, he was arrested when he came back to collect his bike.

The victim Sandhya Rani has already informed her senior colleagues about the harassment she was facing by Karthik and they have warned him not to stalk and harass her.

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