Pakistan : Arrests made over the Murder and Rape of 7 Year old Girl

ISLAMABAD : Many people have come onto the roads to protest over the murder and rape of 7 Year old Zainab. Pakistan Police has arrested 2 people in connection with the incident, The police termed the arrest as important development and it’ll lead them to find the accused.

Zainab, a 7 year old girl was kidnapped on the 4th of January when she was returning home. She was raped and was found in the trash bin on January 9,2018

A white box was found near the body and upon conducting a forensic examination Investigators were able to arrest one of the suspect. The suspect already had Six rape cases registered against him,The other suspect is his brother and similar cases are registered against him.

The two brothers were residents of the College Road area in Punjab province where a minor rape survivor was found in November. The girl is still under treatment at Children’s Hospital, Lahore.

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