Electronic Cigarettes How Can E-Cigarettes Save Millions of Lives?


London: If you are a smoke addict, then switching to e-cigarettes can save your live from this dangerous habit.

Robert West, professor of health psychology at University College London, told delegates at the 2013 E-Cigarette Summit at Londons Royal Society that literally millions of lives could be saved.

pprox. 100,000 deaths per year are recorded in the UK due to smoking, worldwide it is estimated to be more than five million.

At a one-day gathering of scientists, experts, policymakers and industry figures on Tuesday, at the Royal Society in London, have found that e-cigarettes are just as effective as nicotine patches in helping smokers quit, though some delegates notified that more research on the health effects is needed.

The use of electronic cigarettes — pen-sized battery-powered devices that simulate smoking by heating and vaporising a liquid solution containing nicotine rather than inhaling the toxic substances in the nicotine has grown rapidly. Matthew Moden, a director of English firm Liberty Flights, which makes e-liquid from pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, said the market had grown exponentially.

Since starting in 2009 as an online retailer with three workers, the company now employs 75 people and has 10 stores.

Dr Jacques Le Houezec, a private consultant, said that because the harmful effects of its main comparator, tobacco, e-cigarette use should not be over-regulated.

Weve been in the field for very long, this for us is a revolution. he said.  Every adolescent tries something new, many try smoking. I would prefer they try e-cigarettes to regular cigarettes. Dr Le Houezec added.

Konstantinos Farsalinos, from the University Hospital Gathuisberg, Belgium, said it was important for light regulation to be put in place as soon as possible.

Companies are all hiding behind the lack of regulation and are not performing any tests on their products, this is a big problem.

As the concept of electronic cigarettes is novel, the World Health Organization warned consumers not to use them until they are deemed safe.

The British Medical Association called for a ban on vaping publicly in the same way as they had on public smoking.

Ram Moorthy, the British Medical Association, said that the use of e-cigarettes normalises smoking behaviour.

We dont want that behaviour to be considered normal again and that e-cigarettes are used as an alternative for the areas that people cannot smoke, he added.

But Lynne Dawkins, from the University of East London believes that it is a viable safer alternative for smokers. She added, We dont want to spoil this great opportunity we have for overseeing this unprecedented growth and evolving technology that has not been seen before, We have to be careful not to stump that.

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