New Study Links Precipitation To Global Warming

In a new study it is found that changes in the precipitation over the world’s land and oceans is not possible to be explained by natural variability alone. The scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California said those are directly affected by human activities.

Celine Bonfils and Kate Marvel researchers compared the climate model predictions with the weather data observed over more than three decades.

The climate model showed that higher global temperatures raises the humidity and this in turn makes the surrounding areas a bit wet. However, the dry areas were dryer. The team said that the increased greenhouse gases and the ozone depletion affect atmospheric circulation patterns. This phenomenon helps in pushing the storm towards the poles.

The new finding has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The researchers claim that while natural fluctuations in the climate either lead to intensification or poleward shifts in rain and snow. It is usually not seen that the two effects have occurred naturally.

Marvel also added, “External influences such as the increase in greenhouse gases are responsible for the changes.”

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