Pregnancy Can be Delayed if Women is Suffering from Asthma


Women suffering from asthma may experience problem in getting pregnant, a new study conducted by Danish researchers has reported.

However, the researchers maintained that they have yet to find whether asthma has a direct biological effect on fertility or it affects pregnancy just because the patients have irregular intercourse.

There is an association between asthma and infertility due to an increased time to pregnancy. At present, our findings can only indicate a trend. There is a need for clinical studies examining this issue in general, said lead researcher Dr. Elisabeth Juul Gade, of the Respiratory Research Unit at Bispebjerg University Hospital in Copenhagen.

Dr. Len Horovitz, a pulmonary specialist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, said the association between asthma and delays in pregnancy is clear as Asthma is an inflammatory disease and inflammation can happen anywhere in the body.

The inflammatory part of asthma may well be affecting not only bronchial tubes but also fallopian tubes, he said.

The researchers proposed the theory supporting their argument that when women were treated for asthma, their ability to get pregnant improved.

Study on Women Suffering from Asthma

For the study, the researchers’ team collected data on more than 15,200 Danish female twins who were 41-years-old or below. The researchers surveyed these women asking about asthma and fertility.

They used these information to compare the twins as well as effects of asthma on pregnancy on the whole population.

The participants were divided into those with and without asthma, as well as those whose asthma was being treated and those whose asthma wasnt being treated. In addition, the women were asked whether they had been trying to get pregnant for more than a year without success and how many children they had.

Asthma and Pregnancy Relation Findings

Nearly 1,000 of the women had asthma. More of these women had a harder time getting pregnant than women without asthma (27 percent versus 21.6 percent), the researchers found.

The researchers found that delayed pregnancy was significantly longer among women whose asthma was not treated compared with women whose asthma was being treated (30.5 percent of the untreated asthma group versus 23.8 percent of those receiving treatment). Participants over 30 with asthma were more likely to experience delays in getting pregnant (32.2 percent of women over 30 versus 24.9 percent of women under 30).

The report was published on November 14 in the online edition of the European Respiratory Journal.

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