How to Give a Sexy, Sensual Massage to Your Partner


Whether you want to add spice to your fizzling romance or you’re looking for a way to make your partner fall in love with you again, a sensual massage is your one-way ticket to an erotic world.

Yes, your partner loves sex. Then why not have a wonderful fusion of sex with some of the intimate acts. Experts say, sensuous massage can be the best way to re-invent your sex life.

Too often, couples fast-forward to intercourse, which means they’re neglecting about 80 percent of each others bodies, says Gordon Inkeles, author of The New Sensual Massage. Sensual massage encourages lovers to be generous with each other, to explore parts of the body that aren’t overtly sexual.

Here’s how to get started.


Being in a relaxed mode for both the partners is necessary for a good start. A soft bed may be perfect for lovemaking. For ideal massage, have a firm, flat, and stable area so that you don’t bounce your partner around as you move. For maximum comfort, have your guy lie down on a futon mattress or pallet of blankets and place pillows under his/her neck, knees, and ankles.


Take your partner to an erotic journey with the oil massage. Have organic oils as they come with no side effects. Scented oils can be erotic.  Before starting, do not forget to make your hands soft and warm.  Massage oil reduces friction and makes it easier to knead, rub, and stroke your partner’s tired and stressed muscles.


Dress yourself in a sensuous outfit. Have dim lights. If you play music, keep it soft and slow.


Pick any spot and start massaging gently with soft fingers. Asking your partner where he/she wants you to touch him will also be a good idea.


There is no hard and fast rule for intimate acts. Whatever you do is communicated to your partner the right way is good for your lovemaking.

Here are some of the massage techniques shared by the experts.

Stroking works wonders on areas both large (back and thighs) and small (neck and tops of feet). Keep your fingers together, thumbs parallel, and palms in full contact with the part you’re working, and make long, gentle movements. Apply more pressure when stroking toward your partners heart, less pressure in the opposite direction.

Kneading is perfect for fleshy areas such as biceps, buttocks, and thighs. Simply lift and squeeze the area youre working, with your palms in full contact with your partners skin.

Compression is an easy movement to master and great for many body parts, says Inkeles. Just lay one hand flat on, say, his shoulder, press the other hand on top of it, and rotate slowly.


Intimate massage isn’t about perfection, so don’t worry about doing it right. Try to stay in the moment. The quality of your touch is more important than technique, says Peggy Morrison Horan, author of Connecting Through Touch and a founder of the Esalen Massage Program at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA. Massage is about being emotionally present, touching your partner with intention, and paying attention to his reactions. What could be sexier than that?

Quick tips

  • Pressing with your body is essential, do not forget to use ALL of yourself to please.
  • Start out with a light touch; your objective is to arouse her, not bruise her.
  • Make sure not to squeeze or rub too hard, feel free to ask how it feels.
  • Feel free to rub, kiss, lick, and even nibble on these neglected regions like wrists, fingers, ears, the back of her neck, and the insides of her elbows and knees.
  • A shoulder rub is generally easier to be sexual with, especially if you are behind your partner. Try sitting on a couch with him/her in between your legs facing away from you.
  • Whenever possible buy organic oils as they have no side effects on your body and private organs.
  • Never pour cold oil directly onto the skin. Instead, put it in your hands and give it a chance to warm before applying it.
  • Make sure the room is warm with a sensuous fragrance spread all over.
  • A romantic dim light and soothing numbers will surely make your love making more enjoyable.
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