Happy Marriage Life Secret lies in Patience and Hands of Wives


A way to happy marriage lies with the wives and not the husbands, suggests a new study.

The recent study says, it’s not easy to calm down and think straight during a heated exchange, but wives who are able may have happier marriages.

Experts say, every couple argues and some conflict may not be bad for building a relationship. But when such heated arguments become intense and blame game begins, women should learn how to calm down.

Researchers from the University of California Berkeley and Northwestern University, the happiness of a marriage may depend in part on who makes the first conciliatory move to lower the emotional temperature. The researchers found that marriages in which wives were able to regain their composure quickly during a dispute were the happiest, both short and long term.

For the study, the researchers assessed recorded interactions of over 80 heterosexual couples who were middle-aged or older. They recorded their disagreements and how the couples bounced back from them.

Researchers say that marriages continue to flourish where wives were able to calm their emotions during a disagreement.

The team observed that the ability of the wives to control emotions and the link to marital satisfaction was strongest when women used constructive communication to calm arguments.

Interestingly, the researchers found that the husbands ability to regulate their emotions had little or no bearing on long-term marital satisfaction.

The research was published in the journal Emotion.

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