Spanking makes ill-Mannered, Aggressive Kids, Scientists caution against spanking


Do you think spanking is the only way to bring your uncontrolled child back on track? If that is the case then you may be wrong. Spanking your child can never bring good results for you. A new study by researchers at Columbia University has proved this instance by illustrating the negation repercussions of spanking.

After analyzing data from more than 1,500 families, the researchers found that children who are spanked in early childhood are not only more likely to be aggressive as older children, they are also more likely to do worse on vocabulary tests than their peers who had not been spanked.

According to the researchers, the majority of U.S. children have been spanked at some time in their life.

Several studies conducted in past have established a connection between spanking and aggressive behavior but this new study that ‘spanking could be linked to cognitive ability’ is somewhat a new discovery.

Speaking about the discovery, Michael MacKenzie, an associate professor at Columbia University and lead author of the study, said, Only a few studies have looked at the cognitive effects of spanking. We are still trying to learn if spanking has a direct effect on early brain development, or if families that spank more are less likely to read to their kids and use more complex language.”


For the study, the researchers analyzed data collected from more than 1,500 families. The study followed children from 20 U.S. cities from birth to age 10. Most of the kids were born between 1998 and 2000. The study was conducted as part of the Fragile Families and Child Well-Being Study (FFCW).

Scientists surveyed their parents by asking questions about their childs behavior and whether they had spanked their children within the past month.

What they found was glaring. The answer was frequently yes: 57% of mothers and 40% of fathers reported spanking their children when they were 3 years old, as did 52% of mothers and 33% of fathers when their children were 5 years old. When these kids turned 9, parents were asked to assess their behavior. The researchers also gave the children a test that measured their vocabulary.

Mother Vs Father

The effects of spanking by fathers in respect to their mothers were different.

According to the study, compared to children who were never spanked by their mothers, those who were spanked at least twice a week scored 2.66 points higher on a test of aggression and rule-breaking, while those who were spanked less frequently scored 1.17 points higher.

Compared with children who were never spanked by their dads, those who were spanked at least twice a week scored 5.7 points lower on a vocabulary test, the researchers found.

The study was published this week in the journal Pediatrics.