Germany : Student Asked to remove her Hijab

Germany : Professor Müller-Brandeck-Bocquet asked to remove headgears like Baseball caps and also Headscarf of a Muslim student. The Professor has since apologized.

As a result, some students, with reference to the fundamental right of religious freedom, showed solidarity with the student and left the lecture hall. After a ten-minute break, the lecture was then continued, with significantly fewer listeners

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Magdalena Bachinger, assessor on the board of the Green Youth Würzburg, explains: “We perceive the behavior of the professor as a public humiliation. The headscarf is part of an individual religious practice. To ban this is discriminatory, pejorative and violates both the religious freedom established in Germany, the Basic Law and the right of women to self-determination. Disrespectful and distracting is the interruption of a lecture to prevent these rights. The request to remove the headscarf during the lecture is not sustainable in a public institution that should be tolerant, cosmopolitan and non-discriminatory. ”

Even though Headscarfs,Veils are banned in some parts of Germany. But, University of Würzburg has no rules or guidelines that would prohibit the wearing of a headscarf

Professor regrets :

She explained: “For many years I have been encouraging listeners in my lectures to remove headgear as a sign of respect for a university institution and for me as a lecturing professor.”

As a rule, it is addressed to male students wearing baseball caps. These have always complied with their request.

When the student was the only one who did not want to take off her headgear, according to the university, the professor pointed to the intended equality of men and women and expressed her disapproval.

She regrets the excitement and misunderstandings that resulted from her personal disapproval.

A spokesman for the university said on demand that the lecturer has now addressed the student in a personal letter and will also apologize verbally formally at the beginning of the upcoming lecture.

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