Pakistan : Man Sentenced to Death for Sharing Blasphemous Content


Punjab,Pakistan : Pakistan is an Islamic country with around 98% of Muslims, although there is no strict sharia law in Pakistan but it could land you in trouble if you write or speak against religious personalities.

In an incident a man belonging to Shia community has been sentenced to death by the anti-terrorism courts for posting blasphemous content on social media. This is the first social Punishment given for blasphemy on social media.

According to the counter terrorism department of Punjab Police, Raza, who hails from Okara, some 200 km from Lahore, was arrested last year at Bahawalpur following complaints by his co-workers that he had shared blasphemous content on Facebook.

It’s not clear exactly what Raza said in his posts. The New York Times reports that he was initially charged “under a section of the penal code that punishes derogatory remarks about other religious personalities for up to two years.”

But the newspaper reports that during the investigation, he was later charged under a law “specifically on derogatory acts against the Prophet Muhammad, which carries the death penalty.”

Judge Shabir Ahmed of the anti-terrorism court in Punjab province’s Bahawalpur district announced the sentence for 30- year-old Taimoor Raza on Saturday after holding him guilty of posting derogatory content on Facebook.