Saudi Arabia Lifts Ban on Women Drivers


For the first time, Women can drive in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabian Government has lifted the ban on woman drivers. It was illegal for women to drive prior this, anyone who dared to drive was detained and imprisoned. But now finally women can drive in Saudi Arabia and this law will come into action from June 2018 if should comply with sharia law.

In 2014, Loujain Hathloul an activist was seen making a video of herself driving and uploaded the video on video streaming site YouTube encouraging ohter women to drive. Soon, She was arrested and detained for 73 days and she also said (In a Netflix Documentary – Saudi Arabia Uncovered) that she wasn’t allowed to interact with anyone.

In 2015, Saudi Arabia made an announcement that Women can vote and run for the seats in local councils.

The decision is getting praises from all corners of the world.  The US Spokeswoman called it “a great step in the right direction for that country.”

Saudi Arabia was the only country which has put a ban on women driving.

At the news conference, the ambassador insisted that the decision would not be reversed or seriously opposed.


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