Scientists Calculate Years When Cities Will Experience Changed Climate Permanently

A new study on global warming says Kingston city of Jamaica will be off-the-charts hot permanently in about a decade. Few other cities too will follow and by 2028 Singapore will also become very hot place to live. By 2031 Mexico City will be too hot followed by Cairo in 2036. Honolulu and Phoenix will also go off-the-charts hot by 2043. Eventually the whole world will become hot by 2047

Scientists further say the tropics cities are about a generation away to join the hot cities.

Professor Jane Lubcheno of Oregon State University said about the new study, “This paper is both innovative and sobering.”

Lubchenco, who was not involved in the study, is also former head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The scientists used weather observations and computer models along with other data to calculate at what speed our planet is warming.

Co-author Ryan Longman said, “Now is the time to act.”

Climate scientist Chris Field from Carnegie Institution said, “One can think of this year as a kind of threshold into a hot new world from which one never goes back… This is really dramatic.”

Field was also not part of the study.

The study adds further that the first U.S. cities to feel the extreme warm days are Phoenix and Honolulu, followed by San Diego and Orlando, Fla., in 2046. Around 2047 the Washington and New York will get the new climates. Thereafter Los Angeles, Detroit, Seattle, Chicago, Houston, Austin and Dallas will follow.

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