Trump’s Travel Ban Expanded to Eight Countries


Donald Trump Travel Ban : In January, The new President of the United States, Donald Trump put a controversial “travel ban” on six countries particularly from Middle East and African Countries. Which means the citizens of those countries cannot enter the United States.

Recently, three more countries were added to the list namely North Korea,Chad and Venezuela. This travel ban will come into effect from 18 October,2017

North Korea was added to the list as the North Korean Government didn’t co-operated with the US government.

The travel ban is different for Venezuela. The Travel ban for Venezuela only includes government officials and their family members. In recent months, the US government has sanctioned many Venezuelan government officials, including the president and head of the electoral council.

The restrictions mainly include the suspension of business and tourist visas. The expansion of the travel ban comes just days after the UN General Assembly, where North Korea and Venezuela were big topics.

As of now, The travel ban applies to Yemen, Syria, Libya, Somalia,Iran,Chad,Venezuela,North Korea. One country, Sudan, fell off the travel ban due to it’s co-operation with US government on national security and information-sharing and Iraq was also removed from the travel ban due to it’s close¬†cooperative relationship with the US

US President Donald Trump said on Twitter that making America safe is his number one priority.


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