5 Free Calling Apps for Android and iOS

5 Free Calling Apps for Android and iOS In the era of Smartphones and Internet,Everyone use mobile phones for calling their friends and family,With expensive mobile plans it is hard to keep the conversation for longer time due to the fear of your mobile bill.But thanks to Internet, There are many apps that let you call for free, without paying anything, with these free calling apps you can contact your friends/ family directly on their phone.

If you are looking for free calling apps for android and iOS then below is the complete list of apps that let’s you call for free without paying anything. You need to have a working and Strong Internet Connection to make free calling directly to the phone, the receiver doesn’t necessary need a working internet connection

Best and Free Calling Apps for Android and iOS


TalkU is one of the most talked free Calling App. This App has so much to offer, you can easily make calls to anyone and anywhere in the world for free of cost, which is truly amazing. Searched and used by millions of people worldwide, TalkU is my favorite one. The app has around 5 Million – 10 Million Installs on Google Play alone, Speaks about the popularity of the app.TalkU is available for Android as well as iOS

To make free calls on TalkU,You need to earn credits. When you sign up using your Phone number you will get around 100 Credits as soon as you enter the number on your dialpad,TalkU shows the estimated cost of the call.Assuming you are in the United States the call within the United States would be around 2.8 Credits per minute which means you can speak for around around 36 Minutes and you can keep earning credits by installing apps and each App Installation can give you from 5 Credits to 400 Credits. Also,If you Invite your Friends using the referral link you’ll earn 20 more credits.


Dingtone is yet another free calling app which lets you call to any mobile / landline in the world,one of the best free calling apps ever made Dingtone has somewhere around 10 Million – 50 million registered users on the app speaks how popular this app is among the audience.

on Dingtone, You can send Free Voice mails,Free Messages such as text,images,videos,Free Calling to any phone in the world. This works exactly same like TalkU you need to refer your friends and family and when they sign up you get free credits, apart from that you can earn free credits by watching videos,completing offers and installing applications.Additionally, you can also own a number of your choice from United states / Canada/ Australia if you subscribe for one of their premium plans.

Text Free – Free Text + Call

Free Text + Call is yet another free calling app through which you can call directly to the mobile of the receiver,the receiver doesn’t necessarily need a active WiFi connection to receive your call. On Free Text + Call you can send free text messages as well as free calls

You can also acquire a free USA / Canadian phone number and call your friends and family using it, Additionally you can do conference calls and send texts with stickers.This app also offers premium version.


WhatsCall is a free international phone call app with call block and dedicated phone number, which stops phone fraud and harassment calls. As of now there are more than 1 million regular users of Whatscall,If you are from United States / Canada you can get a free Dedicated Phone number which can receive texts as well as calls.

Whatscall works like just any other app,you need to earn credits on Whatscall to make free calls,Credits can be earned by watching videos,Installing apps,Checking in everyday.


Text and call from anywhere you are and keep in touch with loved ones everywhere! Get a free phone number of your choice, call for free in the U.S. and Canada, or make cheap international calls without using any of your minutes. Staying in touch is easy with Talkatone. Talkatone offers free phone number for users in Canada/United States and calls can be made for free without having a premium plan and send texts for free as well.

Conclusion :

So the list of Best free calling apps ends here. Choose the best among these and remember if one of these is not working for you, try another one. There might be some issue of platform compatibility.

If you know any app that i have missed in the list of free calling apps then please let us know through comment section,if it’s worthy we will add it on our list of free international calling apps

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